How To Run GaGa On Raspberry Pi

How to easily install a GaGaNode on Raspberry Pi.

Deploy Requirements

SetUp the Raspberry Pi

GaGaNode takes up a very small amount of space, does not affect previously running applications on the Raspberry Pi, and can be installed directly.

If the Raspberry Pi is brand new, you can use the Raspberry Pi Imageropen in new window to install the Raspberry Pi OS.

Raspberry Pi Imager is a quick and easy way to install Raspberry Pi OS to a microSD card. Watch the 45-second videoopen in new window to learn how to install an operating system using Raspberry Pi Imager.

Register in new window

Click the button “Install & Runopen in new window” and you can find out your token and installation tutorial in this page.

1.Download & Install

curl -o app-linux-arm64.tar.gz && tar -zxf app-linux-arm64.tar.gz && rm -f app-linux-arm64.tar.gz && cd ./app-linux-arm64 && sudo ./app service install
curl -o app-linux-arm32.tar.gz && tar -zxf app-linux-arm32.tar.gz && rm -f app-linux-arm32.tar.gz && cd ./app-linux-arm32 && sudo ./app service install

2.Start Service

sudo ./app service start

3.Check APP Status

./app status

4.Set Token

sudo ./apps/gaganode/gaganode config set --token=`your token`

5.Restart APP

./app restart

Commands Reference

sudo ./app service install                    # install node
sudo ./app service start                      # start node
sudo ./app service stop                       # stop node
sudo ./app service remove                     # remove node
./app status                                  # check node running status
./app restart                                 # restart node
./app upgrade                                 # upgrade node
./app log                                     # check logs
./app -h                                      # check help

Terminal Rsecording

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